They Couldn't Pay Me Enough

Time for another fun game here at the blog that you can play along with at home if you’d like.

I’ll list 5 things that I really don’t want to do, and then I’ll tell you how much money it would take for me to actually do them.

Let’s see how different our numbers are from each other.

They Couldn’t Pay Me Enough

1. Shave my head bald every Monday for the rest of the year (7 months) – No offense to you bald folks out there, but this would be a bummer for me. I just like hair. I imagine for some of you women, this number is going to have to be really high, and for some of you guys, you’d probably do it for a free lunch. Me? It would take some serious coin to get me to commit to this.

My Price – $1500

2. Wear a Beard of Bees for 10 Minutes – Not sure if I could physically do this without passing out and dying. I freaking hate bees. The thought of having hundreds of them on my face makes my body shake with violent chills. But at some point the money would be so tantalizing, I’d HAVE to try it. Question is, how much?

My Price – $7000

4. Give up all sweets (Ice Cream, Candy, Soda, Cake, Cookies, etc.) for a year – I’m not a huge sweet tooth like some of you are, but 12 months is a long time to go without having an Oreo or a Coke. Then again, this would be a great way to make a few bucks AND lose a few pounds. I think my price would be pretty low on this. Now giving up Chees-its and Lime Tostitos? That’s a whole different story.

My Price – $300

3. Get a Wal-Mart Tattoo on my bicep – I’m not talking the smiley face here, I’m talking that block letter “WAL-MART” logo, about 2.5 inches wide on my arm. Not only do I not want to be a walking commercial for Wal-Mart, but I really don’t want a tattoo either. And let’s say that you have to keep it for 5 years, at which point you can try to get it removed if you like. Is it the worst thing ever? Almost. But do I have a price? Of course I do.

My Price – $9500

5. Finish a Half Marathon Trail Run in under 3 hours – I ran the Charlie Horse Half Marathon Trail Run this past Sunday with Tyler, my wife Erica, and his wife Amy. At the finish, Tyler and I vowed to never run anything like it again. The course was brutally hilly; if you weren’t going straight up, you were coming straight down. There were black flies bothering you in the woods, roots and rocks to trip you up on every step, and streams to cross that left your feet soaked and primed for blisters.

Did we finish? Oh yes, we finished (and yes, Erica fell face first into a mud puddle…it was awesome):

But run it again? No thanks.

Especially not if I had to finish it in 3 hours in order to get paid, because that would probably require some training to be in decent shape and I’d have to push myself on the course.

My Price – $2000

What About You?

Could they pay you enough to do any of these things?