An Angry Message For My Church

I was asked to put a promo video together for the Women’s Conference our church is hosting this weekend (May 21 & 22) and a funny thing happened.

The more time I spent working out what I was gonna say, the angrier I got.

The conference is going to be great. From the music to the speakers to the goody bags, it’s going to be a memorable time.

And I can’t go because I have an Adam’s apple.

Well you know what? I got your stinking promo video right here.

For more info on the conference, call 610-593-5959 or visit

Update: For anyone local to the Lancaster County, PA area who has not yet signed up for the conference – if you call to register this week and tell them “Bryan is Angry”, they’ll give you the early bird $25 rate (door price is $40). Just call 610-593-5959 to register and tell them you’d like to pay the $25 rate because “Bryan is Angry”.