Don Miller, Shawn Smucker, & Free

I’ve done quite a bit of guest posting during the month of April. The link to today’s guest post on Shawn Smucker’s blog is coming in a minute. Shawn’s a writer, a co-author of two books, and a good friend.

Earlier this week Shawn and I took a trip up to Messiah College to hear Don Miller speak. Don seemed to be in a bit of a rambling mood, but as usual he gave his audience a bunch of good thoughts to chew on and more than a few great one-liners to keep us laughing. And he was kind enough to leave Shawn and I free tickets, so that was nice of him.*

*only he forgot to actually put the tickets in will call, which led to this exchange

Will Call Girl: Sorry, there are no tickets here for Bryan Allain. Who left them again?

Me: Don actually left them.

Will Call Girl: *blank expression*

Me: Yeah, Don…Donald…Miller.

Will Call Girl: *blank expression*

Me: The person speaking.

Will Call Girl: Ohhhhhhhhh. Um…I’ll just print you up two tickets.

In a not-so-related story…last month Tripp and Tyler flew out to Portland to film a video with Don for Catalyst, and as usual they knocked it out of the park. They asked me for script ideas early on in the process and a few of my lines actually made it into the final video.

(Actually, of the 100 things that are awesome in this video I was responsible for only 2 of them. Tripp and Tyler did the rest. I’ll tell you which 2 lines in the comments.)

The Sunny D / Tang thing kills me every time. Just slays me.

Anyhoo, Shawn and I had a great time. And today I’ve got a guest post on his blog, 10 Reasons I Love TV.

You should check out Shawn’s blog because he’s a great writer and because he’s crazy enough to have given up TV for all of 2010. (and next week be on the lookout for a Shawn Smucker guest post here.)

PS… as if the free tickets weren’t enough. Later on in the night we ordered food from the Messiah Student Union Cafe (after running into Janet O!), but they didn’t take credit cards and the ATM wouldn’t give either of us money. So we just ate and ran. Hey, Shawn’s a Messiah Alum, so I figure he overpaid $10 for SOMETHING there in his 4 years at the school.