10 Reasons 30 Year Old Men Should Avoid Taco Bell

I drove past a Taco Bell last night and had a sudden urge to stuff 5 tacos in my face.

Not sure how I resisted, but I did. And in the process I was reminded of a list I posted on my blog a few years ago. Here it is again for my newer readers…

Top 10 Reasons Taco Bell Should Not Be Consumed By Men over 30

(and yes, I realize I could probably drop the “by men over 30” part.)

10. Their crunchy taco shells biodegrade slower than a plastic grocery bag full of styrofoam peanuts.

9. Many of us are married, and we actually enjoy sleeping in the same room as our wives.

8. While buying 5 or 6 items off the menu still makes financial sense, it’s digestive suicide.

7. Anything involving the words “triple” and “steak” will go through you faster than a hot knife through room temperature hummus.

6. Over 90% of the items on the menu feature enough to cheese to put you over your recommended daily allowance for the next 3 weeks.

5. Some of us are still trying to digest the chicken soft tacos we ate in 1995.

4. We’ve learned from experience that the difference between the Nachos Supreme and the Nachos Bellgrande is about 8 squares of Charmin Ultra.

3. Two Words: Volcano Taco

2. They got rid of the “yo quiero taco bell” dog. Unacceptable.

..and the #1 reason Taco Bell should not be consumed by men over 30…

1. “Gordita Baja” in English means: “Catastrophic Bowel Movement”

any other reasons you can think of?