Movie Trailers and Tripp Crosby

I’ve been doing quite a bit of guest posting during the month of April. The link to today’s guest post on Tripp Crosby’s blog is coming in a minute. Tripp’s a good friend and a hilarious and talented actor, producer, event emcee, and interviewer. He also works a lot with friend of the blog Tyler Stanton, despite having a much less spherical head.

My guest post on Tripp’s blog today grapples with a subject that has divided the nation for far too long.

Movie Trailers.

They’re so entertaining. But they ruin the movie. But they let us know what the movie is about. But they tell us too much. But they’re the best part about going to the movies. But they give all the good lines away…


Let’s settle this once and for all.

Click here to jump over to Tripp’s blog to read my ingenious solution to the Movie Trailer quandary. It will blow your mind without blowing your budget. (and while you’re there, bookmark or subscribe to his blog.)

But before you do that, check out this 3 minute video of Tripp interviewing people about their finances. High comedy.

PS…If you’re new to my blog and want to know why someone of Tripp’s caliber would let a schmuck like me post on his blog, click here and check out the Featured Posts. If none of my best material makes you laugh, then I applaud you for being dead and still able to surf the internet.