7 Things that were Cooler as a Kid

I’ll be doing quite a bit of guest posting during the month of April. The link to today’s guest post on Keith Cotton’s Popcropolis blog is coming in a minute. Keith was one of the winners of the “Can I Guest Post on Your Blog Contest”.

Some things that you thought were cool as a kid are definitely still cool, like guitar solos, major league baseball stadiums, and french kisses.

But there’s a whole bunch of stuff that hasn’t really stood the test of time.

Over at Popcropolis today I shared 7 Things That Seemed A Lot Cooler When I Was a Kid.

Here’s 2 of them…

Staying up Late – When I was a kid, I’d have given up my allowance for the rest of my life for the chance to stay up an extra 20 minutes every night. Why this was so appealing is beyond me. It’s not like I was doing anything interesting with the other 23 hours of the day. Would it improve my life that much to be able to watch 3 more videos on VH1?

Riding in the back of a station wagon – As a kid it was a little bit dangerous and indubitably made a boring car trip loads of fun. As an adult, I’d have a leg cramp and would be puking all over the back windshield 3 minutes into the ride.

To read the whole list, click over to Keith’s blog and check it out. And while you’re there bookmark him or add him to your feed reader and give Popcropolis a test drive for a couple weeks.

What things can you think of that were cooler when you were a kid?