A Little More About You

Been a few weeks since we had some sharing time, so let’s open it up.

3 Questions and 3 minutes to answer (and the clock started 2 minutes ago)

1. Do you sing or play any musical instruments? (On a scale of 1 to 10, what are you musically?)

2. Ballpark estimate on the number of times you’ve cried in the past 6 months? None? Once or twice? A handful? More than you can count? (we’re counting everything – from an intense weeping to a single tear running down your cheek)

3. A friend gives you $750 with the only caveat being you HAVE to spend it on yourself and you’re not allowed to save it or use it to pay off debt or anything like that. What would you  probably spend it on?

I’ll throw my answers into the comments later this morning when I get a second.

What about you?