Can You Keep a Secret?

Been thinking about famous secrets recently. For instance…

Google’s algorithm – I’d like to know why the person who justĀ  googled “sexy hippopotamus negligee cafeteria” was directed to my site.

KFC Fried Chicken – because if you knew, you wouldn’t go within 50 feet of the store.

If all snowflakes really are the same – If you were God, wouldn’t you sneak a few duplicates in every once in a while and just giggle to yourself because you could. Oh, you wouldn’t? Well, me either.

Did Tony die at the end of The Sopranos – The screen went black and everyone freaked out. Did their cable go out? Did Tony get shot? Did the battery die on their camera? Or is David Chase just a mean person? Give it a couple of years and just when people are starting to not care anymore, he’ll drop a few hints.

How babies are made – This is still a secret to my kids, but eventually we’re going to have to fill them in on this. Probably before they turn 10 and hear all about at recess.

Who did Carly Simon write “You’re So Vain” about – the latest report was that it was about David Geffen, but Simon has already debunked that. My money is that it’s about the late Andre the Giant. I mean, seriously, how amazing would it be if that song was about Andre the Giant? Sorry I just blew your mind.

The mysteries of LOST – we’ll find out in May 2010, unless Jesus comes back before then. Although, I’m pretty sure in heaven there will be a LOST TV channel, so I’m not too worried.

Skull and Bones – Seems like every university has this secret society no one knows anything about. At ours, these jerks had the okay to walk into any class for a 3-minute interruption, silently parading around the room in their monk outfits before eventually tapping someone on the shoulder and walking out. I always wanted to get up and run around the room like my hair was on fire to take the attention off them, but rumor had it they sacrificed living things in an bunker hidden under the Quad, so I shut up and stayed in my seat.

What are you like when it comes to secrets?

Are you a good secret keeper, or are you the person who always blabs?

Got any good stories about a secret that you can tell?

have a great weekend, everyone!