Advertising Brilliance #002 & #004

I recently realized I was born to be in advertising. It’s only a matter of time before every major ad firm is begging me to join their staff and every major company is on my doorstep asking me to hock their wares.

Please don’t be alarmed by the sheer genius and awe-inducing power of what you’re about to see. And please don’t try to donate money to me for sharing these…I’ll be dropping these on you pro bono every week until I get hired to do this full time. It shouldn’t take long…

(to help you cope with the daylight savings time adjustment, here’s 2 new editions)

and if you can’t see these in your reader, click here.

If you’re an ad agency and you want some of this, it’s

If you’re a company with a product to sell, ditto.

I’m changing the game…we are all witnesses.

ps…I skipped over edition #003 because that one deserves it’s own post next week.