Can I Guest Post on Your Blog?

I’m going to be doing a handful of guest posts next month on some of my favorite blogs. Guest posting is a blast because you get to write for a different audience than you normally do, so it’s a chance to show a new group of people that there’s clearly something not right in your head.

As I was thinking about which blogs I’d like to guest post on, I had an idea. Why don’t I start a new blog with videos of my best arm farts? I slept on the idea, and realized the next day that it sucked.

Then I had another idea. Why don’t I guest post on YOUR blog? I slept on this idea, and it stuck.

So here’s the deal. Leave a comment to this post with 3 pieces of information.

1. Your blog address

2. A one sentence synopsis of what your blog is about

3. List 3 random words that you would like me to use in my guest post on your blog.

Entries will be open through the weekend, closing on Sunday night at 11:59pm EDT.

Next week I will pick either 3 or 4 winners (still figuring that out). What you win is a guest post by me on your blog. (Some would call this a prize, others a punishment.)

My guest post…

1. …will be between 500-1000 words

2. …will be about whatever you ask me to write about.

3. …will include the 3 random words from your entry.

4. …will be linked to from my blog, meaning you will get a lot of traffic. (and by “a lot” I mean “not really that much”).

5…will be posted on your blog sometime in April on a date we both agree to.

There you go. I don’t ask for too much from you guys, but if you’re up for it I’d love to work together on this one.

So…Can I guest post on your blog?