LOST Thoughts: Season 6, Episode 5

(If you don’t watch LOST, these posts will be torturous to you. I apologize in advance. Just skip them and come back on Wednesdays, where I will try to make it up to you.)

I was away on vacation this past weekend, so here’s a quick look at the things that stuck out to me from last week’s episode…


Season 6, Episode 5, “Lighthouse”

The 10 Biggest Questions/Answers/Thoughts of the week:

1. The Appendix scar – Jack doesn’t remember it? He got it when he was “7 or 8” according to his mother. That wouldn’t happen to be around 1977 would it?

None of us understand why he doesn’t remember the scar because none of us understand the relationship between the two time lines yet. I heard a fascinating theory on it last week that probably isn’t right, but makes you think…I’ll share it at the end of the post.

2. The mirrors – The writers continue to bash us over the head with mirrors in Season 6. In every episode so far we’ve had characters looking into mirrors and seeing something. Jack – neck cut, Kate – that she needs to go back and help Clair, and Locke – that he should call Shepard the spinal surgeon. This time it’s Jack noticing his scar in the mirror.

And if that’s not enough mirrors, later on we realize it’s through mirrors in the lighthouse that Jacob is able to watch (and maybe even visit) the potential candidates on his list. Couple that with all the Alice in Wonderland/ Lewis Carroll references (Jack literally breaks the mirrors with a looking glass), and clearly the writers are hammering home something. Just don’t know what 🙂

3. The Lighthouse – Speaking of the mirrors in the lighthouse, we saw the Pagoda where Jin/Sun were married and where Jacob touched them. We saw the church where Sawyer’s parents’ funeral was and where Jacob touched him. Then we saw the house Jack grew up in where Jacob touched…oh wait…Jacob touched Jack in a hospital.

Does that mean that the “23” on the wheel is Christian Shephard? I still tend to think it’s Jack and that he is the candidate that will come through. But clearly there’s more to find out about Christian.

4. Who was coming to the Island? – #108 on the wheel was “Wallace”, a name we’ve never seen before (that is crossed out). But maybe that’s not important. Maybe it was only important that Jack see the mirror and destroy it. That’s what Jacob wanted right?

If there really is someone coming to the island, I really hope it’s Desmond. I need more Desmond in my life.

5. Who is David’s mother? – so Jack has a son. Is Sarah, his ex-wife in Timeline A the mother? Lots of speculation that the mother might be Juliet. And why not with this bright blue eyes David has. Not that I think this is that important. I mean, if it is Juliet, is it just another sign that these characters’ lives our tangled in Timeline B? Tough to say since we don’t know what the significance of Timeline B yet.

Other folks have postulated that it might be Libby, but I think there’s a better chance of the smoke monster being the mother than Libby. We’ll see.

6. Kate is #51 on the lighthouse wheel – and she’s not crossed out. Does that mean she’s still a candidate too?

7. Why does crazy Claire want Aaron? – she left him in the jungle 3 years ago to follow her dad. Now she’s saying that her dad and her “friend” are telling her that Aaron is being held by the Others. What gives with that? And did you notice that Claire had a brand on her arm like Sayid did? That’s how they know that Claire has the sickness as well.

Did she get dipped in the pool as well, causing her to forget some of her past? After all, she didn’t call him John Locke, she referred to him as “her friend”.

8. The Adam and Eve Skeletons – I love that Hurley brought up one of the main fan theories, that the skeletons belong to two of the LOSTies who time traveled back. I’m sticking with my theory from last year, even though I don’t think it’s true. I think we’re in Eden and those two skeletons are the real Adam and Eve (even though technically, they were banished from Eden after listening to the smoke monster, err, the serpent).

9. Random Digits – Read somewhere online that David’s phone number (Jack’s son in Timeline B) had an area code from Ann Arbor, MI. Same place that Faraday trained with the Dharma Initiative. The same Faraday who also knew how to play the piano at a young age. Infact, they were playing the same Chopin piece. Coincidence? Probably.

10. The Interesting Timeline B theory I heard – So what if everything we’re seeing in the otherLOST alt-timeline is how the characters end up. You know how at the end of some movies they tell you what happens to the characters…“Jamie went on to become a doctor and married a nurse he met while performing a vasectomy…”

Well, what if that’s what they’re showing us in the other Timeline. What if the final 5 minutes of the show is something we’ve already seen before? They are all back on Flight 815 and Jack goes into the bathroom and sees the bloody cut on his neck (only this time we know why it’s bleeding because we saw him get cut earlier in the final episode). And then the plane shakes but never breaks apart and then the camera cuts out the window and down into the ocean where we see the Island underwater, and then Boom! LOST! and that’s it.

Dissatisfying because we’ve already seen it? Maybe. But if that happens you won’t have to wonder what happens to the characters because they’ve been showing you what happens to them all season long.Is it a likely ending? Not really. But you’ve got to admit it’s at least possible. And wouldn’t it be just like the LOST writers to give us a final scene that we’ve already seen, and a reason for us to want to go back and watch the final season in a new way, knowing we’re seeing how the characters ride off into the sunset.

Everyone wants to know why we should even care about the alt-timeline right now, because we have no context for it. Well what if they are showing us what happens to our characters without us knowing it, which ultimately is the context we care about the most. If nothing else, it’s fascinating to think about…

Tonight…Episode 6, “Sundown” (just 14 13 hours of LOST left)