Square One TV

if you can’t hack all the videos in this post, skip to the end for a random shot of me in high school

I was looking at some old Youtube videos over lunch yesterday and walked into an absolute blast from the past.

Square One TV!

Do you remember this show? If I had to blame any two TV shows on why I turned into a nerd, they would absolutely be Mr. Wizard on Nickelodeon and Square One TV on PBS.

First off, here’s the theme song:

Second off, here’s “Angle Dance”, a music video from the show that I still sing in my head, 20 years later.

Oh, but there’s more…much more…

Here’s the video for “Less Than Zero” about negative numbers

Here’s “8% of my love”, an amazing Mellencamp/Billy Joel type number with the line “8/100ths of the time, you’re the only girl I’m dreaming of”

You know you remember “Tessellations”.

And who could ever forget Mathman!

And we didn’t even have time for “Nine, Nine, Nine”, “The Mathematics of Love”, “You Can Count on it!”, Mathnet, and all the other junk they put on.

Man, so good, so good. Brings me back to my youth.

Speaking of which, I had to laugh when one of my high school classmates threw this picture on Facebook yesterday.

I could write 1000 words poking fun at it, but I figure I’ll give y’all first dibs.

(yeah that’s me in the foreground).


Have a great weekend everyone, and be kind to math nerds!