2 Ways To Get A Copy of the Yearbook

I put a lot of time into writing the 25 best posts on my blog last year, and even more time compiling them into this thing I call my 2009 Blog Yearbook.

Exactly 300 of you downloaded the Yearbook for free over the last month, and today I’m happy to announce that it officially goes on sale.

I’m also excited to announce that there’s 2 ways for you to get your hands on one. Check the video for more info and a bit of silliness:


Download a PDF version of the e-Book for $2.99 using these buttons

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($2.99 is a limited time launch price for the remainder of the week. Starting next week the download will settle in at a $4.99 price point for the rest of eternity.) 


You can get a high-quality copy of the Yearbook mailed to your front door for $9.99 (+S/H) from the fine folks at Lulu.com.

(the preview shows the first 10 pages but it’s 24 pages total.)

Which one would I rather you buy?

Honestly, I’d rather you go with Option #2. I only make $3 per sale of the printed version, but I love the idea of you having one of these fancy-looking things on your coffee table or in the magazine rack next to your crapper for other folks to see.

But whichever option you choose, or even if you choose neither, thanks so much for reading and being so much fun to write for.

I’m so grateful for all of you.

ps…if any of you experience issues ordering either option, please let me know asap. I trust the vendors I’m working with, but I’m new to this.