Last Day To Get Your Free Yearbook

Today is it. It’s the last day to get my 2009 Blog Yearbook for free.

So far 292 people have downloaded it, and the responses have been great.

If you’re waiting to download because you feel like you need to pay for it, bless your generous heart.

I’ll have more info on the payment options tomorrow, but you’ll be able to get the digital download for $3 and a print version that looks like a fancy magazine for $10 (plus shipping).

(If your life goal is to have a fancy magazine with my mug on the cover, tomorrow might be the best day of your life. Also, you should find a good counselor.)

So yeah, if you want to support my writing with cashmoney, wait until tomorrow.

And if you want to snag the eBook for free, you’ve got until midnight tonight.

Click here to order the 2009 Blog Yearbook.

Thanks all, for supporting me and my writing. It’s a blast to write for you guys.

PS…I spent my weekend at a youth camp in Western PA speaking to 50 awesome high school students. Thanks Dan for having me out.

What about you, what did you do this weekend?