iPhone Camera Clean Out

I was scrolling through my iPhone photo library this morning when I realized I had a bunch of random pictures that I’ve never done anything with.

You know what that sounds like?

That sounds like a blog post.

Potato Chips that support breast cancer?

Listen, I support ANYTHING that raises awareness and funds to fight cancer.

But are we even sure that eating deep-fried potatoes cooked in a kettle of fat doesn’t CAUSE breast cancer?

Just saying…

Here’s a package of swordfish from the supermarket freezer.

Forget the fact that the two adjectives they used to describe the steaks are “firm” and “mild”. (disturbing).

What I want to know is, was there really a need to print the word “caught” on the package?

As if I’m not already annoyed at the fact that I’m eating McDonald’s…

Now you’re going to start getting smug with me with your snarky little window notes?

(side note: Much like the Amish, McDonald’s employees do not like getting their pictures taken.)

Moments after Catalyst 2009 ended, Tripp interviewed Andy Stanley backstage for the DVD extras.

Andy admitted that he loved the Autotune Andy video.

and I came this close to introducing myself to Andy as “Bryan from Intercourse”, but thought better of it.

went to my first baseball game in D.C. this summer as the Red Sox got beat down by the Nationals.

It was a memorable night because…

1) got to hang out with my boys Dan and Than

2) Saw John Smoltz’s Red Sox debut (which was more disturbing than firm and mild swordfish steaks)

3) it was the day Michael Jackson died. (I found out checking Twitter as we headed to the game)

4) I was a passenger in Than AND Dan’s car that day. And they both got pulled over.

One of my favorite moments at Catalyst was when Rob Bell and Tyler shared the stage.

There’s Rob on the left, mapping out where he would stand with his traveling detail.

There’s Tyler on the right, playing the “how close can I get to Rob without getting punched” game.

Tyler, Tripp, and Carlos Whittaker at 6am the morning of Catalyst.

Feel free to caption this one for me.