More Living With the Amish

As always, these are real pictures of real amish folk taken with my real iPhone.

And as far as I know, no souls were taken captive during the shooting of these pictures.

Here we go…

This picture was supplied from a reader named Dave, who lives next door to this Amish farm and “silo”.

And by “silo”, I mean, “cellphone tower disguised as a silo”.

(you can tell it looks a little skinnier and taller than a normal silo)

Using cellphones = wrong. Making money off cellphones = sneaky and smart.

Someday he would do it.

Someday he would make this crazy dream a reality.

He’d break free from the buggy, hop into the basket, and soar like the Pegasus he knew he was.

Only in Lancaster County would you be able to see these two signs in the same shot.

Amish people like Five Guys Burgers and Fries just like we do.

And just like our kids, Amish kids cry when they realize they’re not getting a happy meal.

9 out of every 10 interactions I have with Amish people involve passing them on the road.

Usually they’re in a buggy, but occasionally it’s farm equipment.

Either way, you know this guy is looking at that road sign and thinking, “I wish.”

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