Cannarf Reviews: Relational Intelligence by Steve Saccone

Author: Steve Saccone

Book Name: Relational Intelligence

I’m Glad it Wasn’t Called: A Nation Retelling Cell – because that has nothing to do with the book, except that it is an anagram of the original title.

I love anagrams, but you’re asking way too much from your readers if you want them to unscramble the title.

Book Synopsis in Twitteresque 140 characters or less: Be a better leader by improving the way you relate and interact with those around you.

Where I Bought It: I didn’t buy it, actually got a free copy from the folks at Jossey-Bass to review for the blog.

Paid for With: This blog post.

How Long it Took Me to Read: I think I’ve had it for a couple months. It’s a very specific self-help type of book, so I had to be in the right frame of mind to read it, which I wasn’t always in.

Who I WOULD NOT recommend this book to: My boss. Here ya go, boss. Learn to be a better leader because you suck.

Who I WOULD recommend this book to: Friends in my life who wanted to improve their leadership qualities. There’s a lot in here for the person who truly wants to be a better people person as a leader.

What I used for a bookmark: Kylie made me this really cute bookmark that she colored. I think it’s a scarecrow. I love it when my kids make stuff for me. Except messes.

What did I like about the book: tons of good thoughts on the value of relationships, and how to treat other people. If every leader treated folks the way Steve suggested, the world would be like the future. Or something.

Here’s a few things I wrote down while reading the book:

“leaders either move people forward or backward”

“when we love people well, we become the proof of God.”

“the most important capability for leaders to develop is self-awareness”

What I didn’t like about the book: It was a little dry at times. I also thought some of his leadership trait names were a little clumsy. Terms like “the Conversational Futurist” and “the Disproportionate Investor” don’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Expectations Going In: was hoping to get some ideas on how to be a better leader.

Cannarf Rating: The book provided some good insight into leading, but more than that it also provided some unique approaches to developing relationships. Though a little slow to read at times, I felt like the book offered a little more than I expected it to. Definitely worth a read if you need some help in the “people person” department. The Rating: +1 cannarf. (what’s a cannarf?)

Have any of you read Relational Intelligence? If so, what’s your cannarf rating?