The Defining Moment of Catalyst 2009

Earlier this week I shared my 7 favorite moments from Catalyst 2009, but there was 1 moment missing from the list.

The reason I left it off, was that this moment deserves to be a list of its own.

This is a 20-minute clip, so I don’t expect you to watch it all. But believe me when I say in all caps:


seriously. so here’s what to do…

1. Press play to start the video streaming and then pause it.
2. Come back a minute later and start playing the video at the 3:45 mark.
3. Watch the video for the next 6 minutes and let your heart be moved.

Catalyst 2009 Compassion Moment from Catalyst on Vimeo.

now, whether it’s through Compassion International or through the people you come in contact with every day, go spread some love.