Just Shoot Me

A few weeks ago our friend Katy was in town for a few days. She and her husband Dan live in upstate New York, where she has spent the past few years turning herself into quite the photographer. Katy took some great pictures of our family when she was here (including the shot I posted in my 10th anniversary post a few weeks ago). I also had her take a few pics of me, which is where the new header image on the blog came from.

The reason I wanted new pictures of myself was that I wanted to get some cards printed up to take with me to speaking engagements, conferences, and pukey deep sea fishing trips. I’ve had Mini Moo Cards made up in the past (on a recommendation from my buddy Geof) and I was really happy with them.

Thanks to Katy’s creative eye and a little photoshopping, I think I’ve got 4 card designs I’m fairly happy with. (my email address, website, and such will be on the back)

Here’s the deal. I haven’t ordered these yet, so if you have a better idea for a caption on any of these 4 pictures, no matter how ridiculous it is, submit it in the comments. (the only one that I’m fairly certain I won’t change is #4 – just because my arms make my neck look so white, it HAS to be ridiculed.)

But if you can improve on any of these, or even if you can’t, let it fly in the comments section. I’d love to say that my readers helped me design these wastes of trees. (Remember, the more it makes fun of me, the better it probably is)

AND thanks again Katy, you rock the Kodak.