Are you a Sweet or Salty Snacker?

I played in a golf tournament at the Hershey Country Club yesterday…yes, THAT Hershey…and had a great time. I snapped this picture in the center of town on our way there.


  1. The Wonka-esque smokestacks with “Hershey” on them.
  2. The street we are about to turn onto: Chocolate Ave.
  3. The streetlights, which look like Hershey’s Kisses.
  4. The PENNDot truck that was spilling rocks all over the road. SAFETY FAIL.

All that chocolate got me thinking about snackingexcept I’m a salty guy, not a sweets guy. I’ll take a bag of chips or some triscuits over candy, cake , or ice cream any day.

What about you? Are you one of my salt-loving peoples? Or do you always return to your sweet master, sugar?

Let your voice be heard: let us know in the comments (including your all-time favorite go to snack) and/or vote in the new poll in the sidebar (you’ve got to scroll down a bit).

Snackers, let your voice be heard!