Video Mad Libs

I’ve been trying to think of creative video ideas for the site and so far I’ve come up with a whole lot of nothing. (And before you ask, no I will not drink vinegar again.)

I did have one idea, actually, and it’s really dumb. So dumb, in fact, that I think I’m actually going to do it because it will provide a great opportunity for me to embarass myself. And really, what is this blog if not a place for me to embarrass myself for your pleasure?

So here’s the idea. It’s going to work sort of like mad libs. What I want from you guys are lines of dialogue that I can use in a story. Please leave the quote (it can be 1-3 sentences, but not too long) in a comment. Don’t submit multiple quotes in a comment.

I’m not going to read any of your comments until I sit down to record the video, and only when the camera is rolling will I start to tell my story and one at a time insert your quotes into the story. You guys can be pretty funny, so this should be an absolute ridiculous train wreck.

Again, here are the rules:

1. leave me a brief line of dialogue in the comments section (preferably something ridiculous you make up).

2. Please no cussing and no inappropriate sexual language.

3. you can leave more than one comment, but try not to have them be in succession, so that someone else’s comment can get in there.

I’d like to record the video sooner rather than later, so the more comments I get, the faster I’ll put this up.

This should be a glorious disaster. Fire Away!

UPDATE: I’m no longer accepting comments for the Video Mad Libs. I hope to shoot this tonight and post it tomorrow. Thanks to those who submitted the 20 comments.

UPDATE #2: Here it is, Video Mad Libs I