Stockholm Syndrome Update

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If you’re on Derek Webb’s mailing list, then you got this intriguing email this morning:


i haven’t sent many personal emails to this email list but we’re in a situation that has gotten a little out of control and it’s time to fill you in. as some of you may know, i’ve been working for months on my new record, ‘stockholm syndrome’, which i’ve recently finished and turned in to the record label. they’ve been very supportive over the years, but this time we didn’t get the response we expected. it seems i’ve finally found the line beyond which my label can support me, and apparently i’ve crossed it.

i consider this my most important record and am adamant about all of you hearing it. we had originally hoped to have ‘stockholm syndrome’ out this month (next week even), but at this point we’re not sure when the record will come out and in what form. the majority of the controversy is surrounding one song, which i consider to be among the most important songs on the record. so we’ve decided it’s an appropriate time to break the rules.

but because of various legal/publishing issues we’re having to be rather careful with how we do what we’re going to do next. that’s really all i can say for now and i’ve probably said too much.

we have a plan and we’re moving ahead, but we’re not sure what kind of trouble we might be getting into. we’ll let you know as soon as we know our next move-


I’ve had a few friends email me already wondering what was up since I have some connections with Derek, but honestly, I don’t know.

I’ve heard Derek had played a show recently in the Nashville area in which he played a new song that contained a word you wouldn’t hear on Network TV that rhymes with *spit*, so I’m thinking this might be the song that his label, INO Records, has taken umbrage with. Just a guess though.

What’s interesting is that I remember talking to Derek back when he was about to release “She Must and Shall Go Free”. We spoke as he was on his way to the studio where he was re-recording a part in the song “Saint and Sinner”. As I recall, 3 of the major Christian Retail stores were threatening to keep the record off their shelves because of the line “I used to be a damned mess, but now I look just fine”. Derek rerecorded the line without the word “damned” even though, as he told me, “it’s a word that Paul uses in the New Testament”.

I asked him how he felt about making the change and he said something to the effect of, “I’m not happy about it, but you pick your battles and this is not something I feel strongly enough about to fight for. I don’t want an issue over this one word to overshadow the message of this record, so I’m not going to fight for it.” (again that was not a quote, just a vague paraphrase).

History seems to be repeating itself, only this time, Derek has decided to stand his ground.

Update: According to David Sessions at Patrol Mag, is a new site Derek has put online in support of this record. So I think it’s safe to say that the song, which includes the ‘s’ word, is an important one to the record, like Derek said in his email.

Update #2: Per this article in Sojourners Magazine, has everything to do with a campaign Derek is going to lead to help build latrines in Africa. You can read more here.

As for his comment about “what form” the record is going to be coming out in and “what kind of trouble” he might be getting into…your guess is as good as mine. Is he legally bound to release all new music through INO? I’m not sure. Is he going to try and circumvent that process somehow? It almost sounds like it, but why would he announce that to everyone if it was the case?

Derek’s a hard guy to get a hold of, but if I can get any more info for you, I’ll pass it along. In the meantime, keep it tuned here, and keep an eye on your email inbox for more news.

Sounds like this is going to get interesting.