More Living With the Amish

As always, these are actual photos of actual scenes in my life taken with my actual phone…

Not even the Amish can resist the siren song of the 5-Dollar Footlong.

And if you’re wondering, the father is flashing a traditional Amish gang sign.

It means, “If this shows up on your blog, I’m going to destroy your crops.”

Thankfully, I have no crops.

A few weeks ago my sister and her husband Michael were visiting when the doorbell rang.

It was 3 young Amish folks peddling baked goods and homemade root beer.

I’ve always been curious about the root beer, so we bought some.

Michael actually liked the root beer, and went back for seconds and thirds.

I thought it tasted like flat root beer mixed with dirt and chewed spearmint gum.

Last time I checked, Michael was still alive.

This Photo was actually submitted by my friend Sandi.

It begs a few questions.

1 – What is a Bull Shovel?

2 – Is it related to kites and toys?

3 – What do kites, toys, and bull shovels have to do with “Houseware & Fabrics”?

4 – Really, what is a bull shovel?

No, the amish have not traded in their black for neon greens and yellows.

Those are tourists, and this is the Amish equivalent of a tour bus.

Please do not be suckered in to this.

I can assure you, these people regretted this decision about 30 seconds into the tour.

It’s not every day you drive past an Amish youth roller blading uphill on a busy road.

Every week? Yes. But not every day.

Welcome to Intercourse, PA.