Brian McLaren: A New Kind of Christianity

Over at his blog, Brian McLaren wrote about 2 new publishing projects on his horizon. One of them is tentatively titled “A New Kind of Christianity: 10 Questions that are Transforming the Faith”.

What are the 10 questions?

Glad you asked…

  1. What is the shape of the biblical narrative?
  2. What is the Bible and what is it for?
  3. Why does God seem so genocidal in some biblical passages?
  4. What does it mean to say Jesus is the way?
  5. What is the gospel?
  6. What future does the church have?
  7. Why are Christians so preoccupied with sexuality?
  8. How should we relate to people of other religions?
  9. How should we view the future?
  10. Where do we go from here?

What do you think? Do we need a new Christianity? Do you think Brian nailed it with these 10 questions? Which ones do you agree with / disagree with as being pivotal to the Christian faith?

Oh and in case you were wondering, here’s what I believe were probably questions 11-20, which barely missed the cut:

  • 11. Bread or Crackers, Wine or Juice – What makes the perfect communion menu?
  • 12. Should pastors be allowed to say “pissed off” from the pulpit?
  • 13.  Can I dislike Chris Tomlin’s music and still be a Christian?
  • 14. “First Peter” or “One Peter” – What’s the holiest way to say it?
  • 15. Will God recognize altar calls via texting as legitimate?
  • 16. Will the church reimburse new converts for altar call texts?
  • 17. Have malicious church server crashes replaced old school vandalization?
  • 18. Will a church be accountable before God for the coffee they serve in the cafe?
  • 19. Do messages from pastors wearing un-tucked shirts resonate deeper with their audience?
  • 20. Facebook – divine code or curse from the devil?