LOST 5.09, "Namaste" LOSTcast

In this, the second inaugural Ramblings and Such LOSTcast, Jordan and I discuss…

  • Why didn’t Sun flash with the other 4? (1:20)
  • A Random Neverending Story Reference (6:15)
  • What if Christian and the Smoke Monster were BFFs (9:30)
  • What happened to New Otherton? (15:00)
  • Radzinski! (20:00)
  • Why this might be an alternate 2007 (23:30)
  • A look back at “Flashes Before Your Eyes” (30:00)
  • The name of the Season 5 Finale (37:15)
  • Pictures of Kissing Yourself in a Mirror (39:30)

(and again, if the media player doesn’t show up in your feed reader, click over and give it a listen.)