Family Fun Fridays

Maintaining the right balance of busyness and free time on our calendars is something Erica and I have been working on lately. Just because we might have the energy to fill every night with things to do, doesn’t mean we have the time to do it (if that makes sense). not to mention, we don’t have that much energy.

One thing we decided while on vacation a few days ago was that we were going to set aside Friday nights to do things as a family. We needed to claim a day and set it aside for our kids, because family time can get lost in the shuffle if you aren’t purposeful about it.

So, starting tonight, we’re instituting family fun night at the Allain house. Each friday night we’ll rotate who is responsible for the evening’s itinerary. Tonight’s family fun captain is Parker. When I told him last night that he was in charge of deciding dinner and an activity, he told me he wanted to eat peanut butter and jelly. Um…no thanks. After a little cajoling, he decided he wanted chicken and brown rice for dinner, followed by some time at Churck E Cheese and then some ice cream. Done and done.

The kids are actually getting a double dose of me today
, because this morning I went in to school with them for the annual Paradise Elementary Donuts with Dad. They love showing off their school and their friends, and I love seeing them in their element. Once I got the powder from my donut cleaned off my face, we snapped a picture.

Enjoy some quality time with the ones you love this weekend!