“Sushi? You think this is about Sushi!?!”

Erica and I went out for sushi on Tuesday night at one of our favorite places in Rehoboth Beach, The Cultured Pearl. What you’re seeing there is their Firecracker Roll, Dynamite Roll, and OC Roll.

(what you’re not seeing is the bowl of cream of crab soup we devoured 10 minutes earlier. Might be my favorite restaurant soup appetizer ever.)

It’s been a long, strange relationship between me and sushi. I was forced to try it out in L.A. in 2000 with our friends Josh and Christel. I thought it was so vile, I gagged it down and hated every minute of it. Then a few years later as Erica was getting more into it, I decided to try a California Roll and actually liked it. Nowadays, we try to have sushi at least once a month. And while we’re not into exotic sushi, we still like to branch out and try different rolls now and again.

What about you? Sushi lover or sushi hater? (I’m not sure there’s an in between)

(btw, bonus points to whoever can tell me what kids movie from the past 10 years that quote I opened the post with comes from.)