In the past 10 years I’ve done some pretty cool things with Caedmon’s Call.

In April 2004 I went along on a trip to Ecuador.

In August 2007 I spent 4 days in Texas with the band for the release of Overdressed (btw, I liveblogged the whole thing at Click here and you can read all 50 entries in reverse chronological order.)

in fact, here’s one of my favorite videos from the Overdressed Release Week trip, from the Rivers Ranch in North Texas:

People sometimes ask me how it ended up that I was afforded these opportunities. I always tell them I was the right fan to come along with the right ideas at the right time. And I had some good help from Megan, Nicole, Geof, and a bunch of other folks as well.

Of course, it also helped that I was a psycho fanboy of the band for quite awhile. In fact, I was going through an old cigar box recently and found a bunch of CC ticket stubs from the past decade.

Six ticket stubs in six different states. I’ve probably seen them in concert 25-30 times in 6 or 7 different states. So if you’d like to travel with your favorite band and get to know them better, my first piece of advice is to start stalking them. At some point, they won’t be able to ignore you any more.

Which got me thinking, what band/musician have you seen live more than any other? Are they you’re favorite, or just the one you’ve seen the most?