LOST 5.03 "Jughead" – First Take

Last night’s episode wasn’t my favorite of all time, but wow, there were a lot of answers and reveals…

as always, these do not contain spoilers…I don’t know anything that will happen beyond the most recent episode. this is all just speculation that i’ve thought of and collected from online. Please don’t leave spoilers in the comments. And no, I didn’t go back and fix typos…this is too long.

+ Faraday’s rat was named Eloise. So is Mrs. Eloise Hawking (confirmed in the re-airing of “The Lie” at 8pm last night). Chick with a gun on the island was named “Ellie”. There’s a 98% chance that “Ellie” on the island is Eloise Hawking. And since Faraday named his rat “Eloise”, I’d say chances are good that Ellie is his mom.

+ If that’s the case, then odds are decent that Charles Widmore (who was an other!!!) could be his dad. We did learn that Widmore has been funding Faraday’s research for the past 10 years. So in 1954 young Widmore meets a time traveling Faraday…then he learns of the Islands powers…then in 1994 (or sooner) he finds Faraday and starts funding his time traveling research?

+ Meanwhile, if Ellie turns out to be Faraday’s mom, that’s just weird. In 1954 she meets her future son, and then he disappears right before her eyes.

+Remember last season during that Widmore-Ben convo when Widmore called Ben “boy”. Now it makes sense, because Widmore was probably on the island as a 40-year old in the 1970s when Ben showed up as a 10-year old (I’m sure my dates are off). Was there a struggle for power between Widmore and Ben that Ben won? Was it because Richard felt Ben was the leader? Why is Widmore off the island now? Was it because he turned the frozen donkey wheel at some point?

+ Or here’s another scenario. What if Widmore turns the wheel and gets booted off the island before Ben arrives. And what if Widmore wants a way back onto the island, but can’t get back so he creates the DHARMA Initative (along with the Degroots and A Hanso) in order to get back there. And as a part of the DI, Ben gets onto the Island too (we saw that part happen in a Ben flashback). But then Ben goes rogue and helps the Island folk to “Purge” the island of DHARMA, in essence killing all of Widmore’s people.

+ Back in Season 2, Sayid said he had never seen concrete so thick except for Chernobyl in the Swan station. What if the bury the jughead bomb and then build a Swan Station around it to release the massive energy in tiny bursts every 108 minutes? Only problem is, theyve made it seem like that was Electromagnetic Energy, not Radioactive energy from an H-bomb.

+ or what if The Orchid (and the donkey wheel) was built around the H-Bomb…it did melt a drill bit when they were working on The Orchid in the opening scene this season. That was in the late 1970s.

+ Is the girl in the coma (Theresa Spencer) suffering the same thing that killed the rat “sending the rat’s brain through time”

+ Back to the Swan for a second. When the button wasn’t pushed, the result wa enough Energy to take down Flight 815. But remember, it didn’t all come out. Before the energy did its full thing, Desmond turned the failsafe key. What did that Failsafe Key do, exactly?

+ Richard Alpert seemed surprise by the notion of time travel in 1954. What’s the implication there if he is “very very old”.

+ Assuming the island had a unique power before the H-Bomb showed up, did the leaky bomb enhance the island’s power and bring about time travel? or did digging to bury the bomb lead to a discovery that led to time travel?

+ Richard said to Locke in 5.01, “next time we meet, I wont recognize you”. How did he know that? Did he remember meeting Locke for the first time and not knowing who he was? (brain starting to hurt)

+ In season 2 Goodwin uses an US Army knife from the 50s to cut fruit with Ana Lucia. Now we know how he got the knife.

+ If Faraday’s mom is Charlotte’s constant, and if Ellie is Faraday’s mom, then we know that they have met before in time (see picture above)

+ When Claire said to Kate, “Don’t bring him back.” Was she talking about Aaron or Ben? When Hurley gave the message to Jack ‘Don’t raise him” was that in regards to Aaron or dead Locke?

+ Rumor has it that the library worker at Oxford was also a Flight Attendant in an earlier season…have to find more info on that.

+ If Miles walks over Nikki and Paolo’s grave, will they tell him about the Medusa Spider bites. And will that lead to the spider being used to comatose Locke? (assuming he’s not dead)

and finally…

+ Where is the smoke monster? I miss it.

So…those are my two cents on last night’s episode. If you watched last night, please add your two cents to the discussion as well, would love to hear some more speculation and reaction from the show…