LOST 5.01 & 5.02 Second Thoughts

New LOST Tonight! Episode 5.03 titled “Jughead”. As we get prepared, I thought it would be good to throw out a few more questions regarding last week…

As I’ve read more about the Season 5 premiere this week, these are the random questions that have popped into my head. Some are original and some I’ve pulled from the web…

if you’ve got answers or theories (but no spoilers!), let us have em…

+ Is the island skipping in time like a broken record because it needs it’s constant? If so, is it’s constant the Oceanic 6? Just one of the O6?

+ does the island skip through time every 108 minutes?

+ Is there something more to the Foucalt Pendulum at Mrs. Hawkings’ place?

+ Why are they bringing Locke back? because the island needs him? because you need a dead body to return to the island? or because he will no longer be dead?

+ Was the 4-Toed statue we saw in Season 3 built for one of the Losties? Like maybe someone who recently stepped on something with bare feet and could possibly get an infection in a toe???

+ Faraday told Sawyer that the rules were that no one would answer the door of the Hatch when he knocked. Later on, Faraday is alone and gets Desmond to answer. Was this Farady changing the rules?

+ Speaking of changing the rules, remember what Ben said when Alex was killed last season? “He changed the rules.”

+ Can LOSTies traveling in time meet former versions of themself? I seem to remember a DHARMA video where two rabbits with the same number on them appeared in the same place. Dr. Marvin Candle freaked out about it. Maybe this can happen to the LOSTies too, though I kinda hope the show doesnt go that route.

Just 32 episodes of the series are left, we should get some more answers tonight! enjoy!