Weekend Visuals

Here’s 3 shots from my iPhone from the past 24 hours…

First, here’s a screenshot from my iPhone on Friday night during Auntie Anne’s party (sorry, no pic with the birthday girl…I forgot to ask). Twitteriffic has been acting foofy lately. Apparently I have a split personality. Not only am I me, but I’m also Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson and Cameron Strang, President of RELEVANT Media Group. Needless to say, I’ve been busy.

Earlier today we dropped the kids off at a birthday party and drove over to Martin’s Bike Shop to take a look at treadmills. I had to laugh and take a picture of the front of their store. Only in Lancaster County would you see a door with “Modest Dress Appreciated” on it and a Store Hours sign that said “Sunday is the LORD’s Day”. Classic.

Where did the kids go for their birthday party? Why, they went bowling at Blue Ball Lanes of course! Only in Lancaster County!