Birthday, American Idol, and Football

Got any plans for the weekend? We’ve got a pretty low-key weekend on tap.

Tonight Erica and I are going on a date! W00t! Well, it’s sort of a date. The wonderful Sarah M. will be watching our kids while we attend the Gala that is the 60th birthday party of Anne Beiler (better known to you as Auntie Anne, the soft pretzel lady). We’re getting all dressed up and everything, so it should be a good time. (maybe i’ll try to get a picture with the birthday girl for the blog)

Tomorrow should be super low-key. I hope to do some writing and reading and playing with my kids. Maybe catch up on the American Idol we have on the DVR as well (ooh and maybe I’ll watch some LOST from last season in preparation of next week’s premiere). That’s my idea of an awesome Saturday.

Sunday morning I’m on for worship team, and after lunch at my in-laws we’ll be maxing and relaxing and watching some football, hopefully with friends. Good times.

5 Things I Won’t Be Doing This Weekend

1. Waking up to a hard drive crash (but if i do, at least I’m backed up!)
2. Yoga
3. Buying stock in Circuit City
4. Letting my pet Canadian Geese go for a fly near an airport
5. Shaving my eyebrows

Have a great weekend, you crazy kids!