Rocks My Beard Off

Seems like most rural communities in the U.S. get free local newspapers delivered to their mailbox these days. Yours might be called the “Community Courier” or the “Weekly Local”. We happen the get the “Penny Saver”.

The Penny Saver arrived today, and as is my usual custom, I threw it near the sink in a makeshift trash pile (because putting in the trash can a few feet away would have been too much work). Thankfully, Erica took a look at it before discarding it. Otherwise we all would have missed this front page news:

I know the print is small, but you’ve really got to read the whole article to fully appreciate it. This is my favorite part:

A variety of folk musical instruments are played by family members, including guitar, banjo, ukulele, Q-Chord, and kazoo. Rhythm instruments include washboard, tambourine, spoons, and sanding blocks.

Q-Chord? What the heck is a Q-Chord? I’m guessing that’s what young Ryan is holding in the picture, right? And sanding blocks? Haha. I can’t even type that up without laughing.

So yeah, if you’ve got nothing to do on Friday night, meet me at the Welsh Mountain Home at 6:30pm. I’ll be the guy with the untucked shirt and the clean-shaven face.