LOST Returns in 2 Weeks!

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I probably should have mentioned this in my bio post a few days ago, but I am a crazy fan of LOST. Best show on TV? Of course. Best show ever? Maybe. (We’ll see how these next 2 seasons unravel.)

I’ve been kicking around the idea of posting about LOST the day after a new episode airs in order to generate some discussion on it, but I wanted to see what you all thought of that. How many of you watch LOST?

How many of you don’t watch it and are sick of hearing about it?

One thing I should say up front though…I HATE spoilers. I avoid them at all costs. I don’t even watch LOST commercials on TV, or watch the “Next Week on LOST” clip because the writers and producers don’t have control over what goes into them. I like to read LOST theories and I’ll catch every podcast and video that Damon Lindelof and Cartlon Cuse (the show’s producers) put out. But I don’t want people with inside info to spoil the show for me.

(Speaking of Damon and Cartlon, did you know that they’ve been releasing weekly videos called “Dharma Special Access” videos over the past month. You can click here for Week 1, and then you can find all 7 weeks if you click around Youtube. The most recent video features a look into the Writer’s Room, which is pretty dope. )

So yeah, if you’ve got an opinion on the idea of me posting every week about LOST, share it in the comments. (and vote in the new sidebar poll).


*Now that I think of it, a couple years ago I wrote up a little article on why I love LOST, even comparing the writers of the show to God. To see how I did that in an unblasphemous way, you can click here.