Haikus and Publishing Blogs

Back in October I entered a contest on Literary Agent Rachelle Garnder’s blog and earned an honorable mention. Last week she held a haiku contest, and i took a stab at it. She was looking for haikus about writing or about the holidays. (haikus are 3-line poems consisting of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables.)

I wasn’t one of the 6 finalists she selected, but I did win another honorable mention.
This time for the “Most Environmentally Sensitive Haiku”. Pretty funny considering what I wrote wasn’t very environmentally friendly:

Don’t cut that fir down!
Plastic trees are far better.
Somewhere Al Gore smiles.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m starting a revolution of people who think it’s better for the environment to have a plastic christmas tree! (Even though according to an article I found at Slate.com, it’s probably better for the environment that you don’t buy that fake tree because after you’re done with it in 15 years, it will just sit in a landfill.)

That was fun Rachelle, thanks for the opportunity! And while we’re on the topic of publishing blogs, here’s a list of all the writing/publishing blogs I read. If you’ve got a good suggestion to add to the list, please share…

So, none of you are actually done with your Christmas shopping right? I’m headed out over lunch to pick up a few things.