The Little Joys of Parenting

I blogged this over at the family site this weekend, but Parker scored his first soccer goal on Saturday morning! I didn’t cry or anything like that, but it was still an emotional moment. Funny how we can take so much pride and joy in our kids for the littlest of things.

Kylie gave me a similar moment yesterday when she said “Dad, remember that thing we were talking about with the food in other countries?” (she was referring to the Global Food Crisis, something I had told the kids about last week in hopes that we would donate some money as a family to help another family. I had actually sent out the $39 check a few days ago). She then gave me 2 dollars from her pocketbook and said, “this is for that.” Again, I just welled up with this strange mix of love/pride/joy that’s hard to explain unless you have kids. Very cool…

(by the way, it’s $39 to provide food for one family for one month through Compassion International. I strongly encourage you to save up a few bucks here and there and make that donation before the end of the year, if you can.)