More From Donald Miller

First off, here’s an AP article that includes this snippet from Don Miller:

Democrats are “reaching out to us, and I’m not naive as to why — they want our votes,” said Miller, who gave a two-minute prayer to close Monday’s convention session. “But they won’t get them and keep them unless they continue the momentum of adopting policies that promote the sanctity of life.”

Miller cited progress along those lines — including on abortion. His other priorities — poverty, global warming — also reflect a widening evangelical agenda that might benefit Democrats, if not in large numbers in November then in future elections. Miller also said he’d leave the party if some Democrats keep mocking people of faith.

“I’d like to see Obama address that — say that voice is no longer welcome,” he said.

Second off, here’s an interview with Don done by Sarah Pulliam for Christianity Today before he gave his DNC Benediction.

I’m guessing that if you agreed with Don before, you still do. And if you disagreed with him before, you do even more now.

(h/t: The Catablog)