Kylie, Her Bike, and The Pavement

Today is a Good News / Bad News post.

The Good News:
Kylie finally learned how to ride her bike this week! (Here’s a video from 3 days ago)

The Bad News: Kylie was riding this afternoon and took a pretty bad spill. She landed face-first on the road and came out of it a little dinged up.

The Final Tally: Lost Teeth – 2 , Stitches in Lip – 2.

(thankfully they were still baby teeth!)

She’s doing fine now and in good spirits. I think she’s actually excited about losing two teeth in one shot. I was at work when it happened, so Erica had to fly solo on the first family trip to the Emergency Room. Nothing worse than not being able to help your kid. But it could have been a lot worse, so we’re thankful for that.

Just another crazy day in life.
Anything crazy happen to you today?