Kindergarten and Pitch n Putt

Alright, so here’s a quick visual tour of my day today.

First, Erica and I took Parker to his first day of Kindergarten. Tomorrow is his first day…today was a 90-minute orientation.

Parker and Landon aren’t in the same class because we requested it. We’d like them to actually make new friends this year. They did manage to find each other in the gym before we went off to our classrooms.

After Parker’s orientation we snuck over to Kylie’s classroom where she was enjoying her first day of 2nd grade. How about that, she’s already at the head of the class, reading a book (can you spot her?).

Parker and I dropped Erica off at home and went to McDonald’s to eat. Parker’s playing with his Boba Fett bobblehead with ketchup on his face and green marker all over his hand. When he saw the picture, he told me to delete it because of the ketchup. I said, “no way”.

Then Parker and I went pitch and putt. Kid did pretty good for it being his second time. This putt for par on the 3rd hole was tracking, but i think he left it a foot short. He did tap in for a bogey though! It was his best hole of the day.

We’re standing on the 9th tee and the guy on #8 hits a 75-yard shot that lands 15-feet from us. Thanks for yelling “fore” buddy. I watch him re-tee and hit another shot, this one lands near the green. 30 seconds later we’re leaving the tee box when he yells “FORE!”. I look up, but it’s too late, he has hit a 3rd tee shot, and this one has just nailed me in the shoulder. a few inches higher and it would have hit me in the head. He was apologetic, but nearly as much as he should have been considering it was his third freaking shot and he waited until the last second to yell. All I can say is I’m glad it hit me and not Parker. (tried to take a picture to show you my wound, but of course it doesn’t look bad. I’m a wuss.)

I gave Parker a mulligan on the first hole and 2 mulligans off the 9th tee. Other than that this is a real score. He’s no Tiger, but it’s not too shabby for a 5-year old.

We had a fun day together. Tomorrow, he’s hitting the books hard for his first full day and I’m back to work.

I love Parker so much, he’s such a fun kid to be around. I’ve been blessed with the most amazing family ever.