The Weather of My Discontent

What you’re looking at is one of my biggest fears from late April to Mid-August: late afternoon / early evening thuderstorms.

I’m the president of our local church softball league, and 3 or 4 nights a week I’ve got to load up and watch the radar. More often than not, Lake Erie shoots over some storms across the state, and it’s hit or miss if we get wet.

Our regular season is finally done. Playoffs started on Monday and continue tonight. Only, as you can see by the white arrow up there, we’ve got a batch of storms coming our way tonight. One in particular that looks like it might hit us right around the time of first pitch at 7pm (our fields are right around the ‘L’ in “Lancaster” on the map).

Canceling playoff games is a drag, and rescheduling them is even worse. Can’t do anything about the weather though, so we’ll show up tonight and hope to get in 2 games.

(My team plays in the early game, a much anticipated matchup against the Angels of Dove Fellowship. Wish us luck…or at least, a dry field.)