Master of Ceremonies

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the wedding of Ashley Porta and Nate Blevins. A few of you who read this blog might have been there as well.

The wedding itself was great. The ceremony was short, the food was delicious, and the quality of the people in attendance was second to none . If I were to go through and rate the wedding on my CROME scale of wedding ratings (which I should probably go back and update at some point), I’m sure this one would have scored high.

A couple weeks before the wedding I was asked to MC the reception, a task I gladly accepted. My friend Jimmy was manning the DJ responsibilities, so I figured the gig would be cake. Introduce the party, bless the food, intro a few dances, and everyone goes home happy. (and sober too, since the reception was dry).

As it turned out, it was a bit more involved. The MC not only has to intro the wedding party, but they have to organize the wedding party, and get all their names written down so they can pronounce them properly. And they have to make sure the caterer is ready with the glasses for the toast, as well as the photographer and the videographer to capture everything. The caterer also has to know when you’ll be sending people to the food to eat, so they can be ready to serve it, and the best man has to know when you’ll be asking him to do the toast, so he can be ready. Got it? Good. Now intro the wedding party, cue the toast and the blessing, and then dismiss folks to go get their food. Oh, but not all at once, we need to do this a few tables at a time. And once everyone is done eating let’s do some dancing…oh wait, we need to toss the bouquet…but not before the cake. So we arrange the cake being cut, then move into the bouquet and garter toss (watch those hands, Lance!), and then move into the first dances.

OK. Now we’re done. You may sit down and watch people flail away on the dance floor. You won’t realize that you forgot to do the dollar dance until 3 days later anyway.

It was a bit exhausting, but it was sort of fun. And I loved that I was able to help Nate and Ashley out in my own small way. Would i do it again? For them, yes. But I won’t be picking it up as a side job any time soon.

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Nate Blevins! Seek oneness, and not peace, in your relationship. Put each other’s needs above your own as much as you can. And keep communicating so that nothing can wedge its way in between you two. Viva La Blevins!