My Wife, the TV Star

So yesterday on our way to Palm Beach we were intercepted by a camera crew who wanted to do an in depth story on us. sortof…ok, not really…

Actually, I dropped Erica off at the US Air terminal and went to park the car in the economy lot. When i finally got back to the terminal 25 minutes later she said she had been interviewed for 5 minutes by ABC6 on the rising cost of airline amenities. They edited down her interview to about 5 seconds of quotes, which was unfortunate, because i was hoping there were more quotes in there that i could razz her about.

It does look funny though, because it looks like she’s traveling alone with 3 bags and a set of golf clubs. What the camera doesn’t show you is her hustling husband trying to get back to the terminal so we don’t miss our flight (which we almost did).

here’s the link, enjoy: