Viva La Postponement

I got tickets for Erica and I to go see Coldplay on June 29th, our first “big” concert experience if you don’t count U23D (which I don’t). Unfortunately for us, Coldplay had to cancel the date due to “production issues”. I’d cry foul and say that Chris Martin was just too lazy to come over to the states, but Coldplay will be performing 2 days earlier in NYC on the Today Show, so I guess they’re not lying to cover up their laziness.

The show has been rescheduled for July 25th, and that’s fine because we didn’t have plans on that night. Can’t say the same for my buddy Nate, who is getting married the next day and has to sell his ticket. Sucks.

I’ve been listening to an illegal copy of Coldplay’s next album, which is due out on Tuesday and so far I really like it. (don’t worry, I’ve already pre-ordered it…i don’t like stolen music…in fact, i probably have less stolen music on my iPod than you do…not that I’m judging you). but anyway, the new album sounds great, and i think it will ripen and age well. These blokes make enjoyable music. I’ve heard they put on a great live show as well. Come June 29th July 25th, I’ll know for myself.

I’m curious…what’s the biggest and/or best show you’ve ever been to?