Ignite This!

After 8 years of playing golf with the same crappy set of irons I bought on ebay for $59 from some dude in Florida who made them himself I finally took the plunge.

I went to Golf Galaxy the other day and got fitted for some new irons. Turns out that based on my height, arm length, and swing, i didn’t need any alterations made to the clubs. I hit some Calloway X-18s, but for some reason the ball was coming off of them with too low of a launch angle. The King Cobra FPs were better, but the set came with a 3 iron and not a hybrid. I hit the Nike Ignites as well as the Cobras, and the set came with the 3-Hybrid. Not to mention they were $100 cheaper than the Cobras.


I’ll put these things to test next thursday at the Charity Tournament I’m playing in, if not sooner.