a show that is cool for us

Great interview with Damon and Carlton of LOST over at the AV Club. (LOST returns for 5 more weeks on thursday, april 24). I especially liked this quote from Lindelof about how the group of writers approach writing the show:

There are six or seven other incredibly talented individuals that we spend many, many hours with in a room. The fact is that nobody can get territorial about any one idea, because it fundamentally always becomes a hive mind, and the best idea always wins. Carlton has always said, and I think he’s right, that we’re just trying to write a show that is cool for us. And the reason that we all work so well together is, we all think the same things are cool. We’ve never gotten to a point where somebody pitches something, and they think it’s really cool, and everybody else goes, “Oh, that’s not cool.” We all sort of get onboard and rally around it.

That’s sort of how I’ve approached writing my book. I am trying to write something that i think is poignant, inspiring, and funny. If it’s good enough for me and my friends, then it will probably be good for other people too. And if not, that’s ok.