on saturday evening Kylie and Parker were playing outside when they came up with an idea. I’ll take you back to the conversation…

Kylie: Let’s do a lemonade stand.

Parker: ok!

Kylie: We’ll need a table, lemonade, a sign, and a money cup.

Parker: Let’s make it free lemonade!

Kylie: Yeah!

Parker: And we’ll give people money!

Kylie: yeah!

…so they made themselves a sign, and away they went. I had to get a picture.

It was so stinkin’ funny listening to them come up with the idea. Erica wasn’t home, but even though i was by myself I was still laughing out loud. Oh the innocence of my adorable children.

Here’s the funny thing though: despite the sign, their first two customers paid for the lemonade. The girl across the street paid 3 cents for a cup and our neighbor Jeff paid “an Abraham Lincoln”, as Parker put it. Apparently Parker tried to give him money and he said, “No, you don’t pay me, I pay you.” All in all they had 5 or 6 customers and made a few bucks.

Was it the superb advertising, the gimmicky promotion, or their overall cuteness that made them money? I don’t know, but there’s got to be a marketing lesson in there somewhere.

Where’s Seth Godin when you need him?