I'm cool, no?

Jonathan Adams, sports editor over at Burnside, quoted me in the piece on morality in sports that he wrote this week for the Burnside Writers Collective. Technically, he didn’t quote me, I guess it was more of a paraphrasing, but still, it makes me cooler to you, doesn’t it? No?

How about if I told you that I interviewed someone for Prayers For Blowouts today that has appeared in an episode of Seinfeld once? Does that make me cool? … You’re right, that makes Susan cool, but not me.

Well, what if I told you my son Parker can rock a faux-hawk? Clearly, he’s cool, so me being his dad must make me cool by genealogic osmosis or something.

The reality is, however, any coolness I might have accrued from any of the above things has been completely erased by this lame post. Such is life.