anchors, houston, and 17 stitches

+ i wrote up a blog entry for the Burnside Writers Blog that details the latest battle that Erica and I waged on the mini golf course. I think you’ll like it. (if you do, leave a comment there, eh?)

+ the trip i was planning on taking to Nashville next month to liveblog the Release Week of Caedmon’s Call’s new album Overdressed, was canceled. I was bummed, but not surprised. Then i get an email this morning telling me that it is back on, only it looks like I’ll be heading to Houston now instead. More on this when i get more details…

+ a few weeks ago i finally went to the dermatologist after years of prodding from Erica. I’ve got quite a few moles (or ‘beauty spots’ as my mom calls them) on my body, especially on my back. The mole she was mainly concerned about on my stomach was fine, but the dermatologist wanted to biopsy 3 moles on my back that looked suspicious to him. One came back OK, one came back as atypical, and one came back as a probable melanoma. the doc informed me that he wanted to remove the latter two, so yesterday i went in and had the melanoma mole taken out. Despite being in situ, they have to be sure the skin surrounding the mole is cancer-free, so they take a margin of skin around it, and a whole bunch more skin so that it sews back together real nice. the result is that my back is pretty sore today with 17 stitches holding together a 2.5-inch incision on my back. i’ll find out next week if the margin of skin was cancer free, and the week after i’ll have the atypical mole removed (which will be a much smaller incision…no skin margin). Erica, being the wonderful wife that she is, has not played the ‘I told you so’ card more than a couple times since we found out. In this case, though, I’m pretty glad she did tell me so. thanks, honey.