Astros Softball 07 – Game 1

Astros (0-0) at Believers (0-0) – 4/23, 7pm

We had 4 rookies in our starting lineup for our opening game, Doug at 1B, Duane at 2B, Derek in CF and Steve at SS. Our usual pitcher, we’ll him “John” because that’s his name, can’t make a few of the early season games this year so I had to pitch. We scored 2 runs in the top of the first and gave one back in the bottom half. Fortunately for us, that would be the only run they would score all game. We put up 2 or 3 runs in just about all of the five innings we played, with each player in our lineup getting at least one hit except for me and Stephen. My knuckleball wasn’t dancing, but i was able to get it over the plate consistently while changing speeds to keep the hitters off balance. I struck out 3, walked none, and gave up only the first inning run. We also looked spiffy in our new uniforms.

Final Score: Astros 14, Believers 1

Next Up: Astros (1-0) at Indians (1-0), Thursday 4/26, 7pm, Garrett Park