this and that

+ Spring has finally arrived on the East Coast! Harley-looyah. It couldnt have come at a better time either. The softball league i am president of kicks off with 4 opening day games tomorrow. Unfortunately i can’t be there for any of them as I’ll be away with Erica for a night. Fortunately, I’ll be away with Erica for a night, which will be fun.

+ Today is the last day of an 11-day cleanse-slash-diet thing that Erica and I have been on. 7 of the 11 days were shake days where we replaced 2 meals a day with enzyme-rich protein shakes. 4 of the 11 days were cleanse days where we didn’t have any meals, and had to drink this special cleansing drink 4 times a day. it was a bit disgusting at first, but i got used to it.  It’s been a good week and a half of discipline, and really understanding how much i eat and how my life revolves around food. I hope to carry along some of the better eating habits into my normal routine. For ther record Erica and i both lost between 4-6% of our body weight during the cleanse. As of this morning, with one day to go, i had lost 11 pounds. (you could look into the whole thing yourself at

+ LOST has been really good for the past handful of episodes. I’m excited about how they are going to end this season, though i have no idea how they will end it. If you watched this week’s episode, Catch-22, you’ll know that it appears that someone who was looking for the island has found it. Not sure, but i think that’s a rather large moment. We’ll see…

+ Yankees-Red Sox this weekend should make for some good TV. Especially Friday and Sunday night in HD. Schilling vs. Pettite tonight will be a great matchup. on Saturday and Sunday the Sox will trot out Beckett and Dice-K while the Yankees will send out Bert and Ernie (or two other rookies named Daniel and Chase). With that Yankees lineup, you never know how these games will play out. One thing you do know is that I’ll be watching.

+Borrowed The Irresistible Revolution, by Shane Claiborne, from my friend Chris yesterday. Also bought Blink, by Malcom Gladwell. Looking forward to reading both…just need to find the time.

+My folks will be in town on Sunday for a night, so I’m really looking forward to that. They’ll get to see my brother’s apartment, we’ll get some pizza, watch the Yanks-Sox together, and they’ll get to see my kids. They are on their way down for a little vacation in North Carolina to play some golf (my dad) and look around at potential places to move to.

+NBA playoffs are starting and i honestly don’t really care. I will definitely be watching the NBA Draft Lottery on May 22, however. With Oden and Durant playing the dual roles of gold pots and the end of the rainbow, two teams are going to walk away with some pretty excited fanbases. I’m hoping one of those is the Celtics.

+ this is a pretty amazing clip. It’s the “We are Virginia Tech” poem that Nikki Giovanni read to close out the memorial service in Blacksburg this week. I got chills a couple times. Worth 4 minutes for sure.

+ ever seen a pitcher being chased into the outfield by a batter he just hit? you have now.

+ Our first of 18 softball games is Monday night. I’ll be sure to keep a running gamelog of each contest here on the blog so you all can follow along if you can’t make it out to watch. Here’s a schedule if you’re in the area.